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Robbins & Johnson, P.C. offers skilled legal counsel in the areas of personal injury, estate planning, bankruptcy and real estate law. Our attorneys deliver the small-town service you need with the big-city results you deserve.

Being injured due to the negligence of another can be one of the most trying periods of your life. Filing for bankruptcy may look like your only option, but an experienced attorney can help get you back on the right financial footing. Planning for your estate can also feel like a daunting chore, but our attorneys take pride in making these difficult decisions easier.

Caring, Comprehensive Legal Assistance

When you need skilled legal assistance, we utilize not only our extensive knowledge and experience but also the knowledge and experience of investigators and technical experts we bring in as consultants. It is vitally important to know all the facts of a case before beginning to solve it. Using our experience and that of experts allows us to piece together the details of car accidents, injuries or other matters to secure the compensation you deserve.

Even if your loss is not catastrophic, any injury can cause extensive suffering. In some cases, it can mean losing the ability to work, significant loss of income or permanent disability. You do not need to suffer in silence. Working with attorneys adept at dealing with these difficult circumstances can mean the peace of mind you have been searching for and the financial compensation you need. Allow us to fight for you and get to work building your case.

We understand the toll that these injuries can take and are committed to treating clients with the respect and compassion they deserve. You may find yourself in a difficult situation after suffering an injury due to someone else’s negligence. Not knowing if or how you will make ends meet can be nearly as unnerving as the initial injury. But you are not alone. Our attorneys have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to advocate for your rights and to resolve your case favorably.

The Help You Need. The Results You Deserve.

When you’ve been injured, involved in an accident, or need estate planning or bankruptcy assistance, our attorneys are ready to help. Contact Robbins & Johnson, P.C. for your free initial consultation by calling 716-486-3174 or using our online contact form.